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Facilitated Research Mechanism

Schools will have the opportunity to send teachers to participate in action research with the RGTSA in cycles across the academic year.

Cycle 1: October – February

Cycle 2: February - July

Some of the research may continue across these points while others may be able to be undertaken within one cycle.  Teachers will register for research support at the start of these cycles.

Choices about who will participate will be influenced by school strategic development plans, individual targets and priorities for individual members of staff, year groups or phases. The 2014/15 cohort’s work has included exploring ‘pupil-led’ science investigations and learning; enriching writing through new technology; independent writing and encouraging pleasure for reading in KS2 and KS3. The subject of the action research projects can be curriculum development, pedagogy, behaviour management or any other area that requires improvement or greater understanding.
Support will be provided by experienced researchers from the University of Greenwich in the following ways:

  • Three 75 minute twilight meetings per cycle to plan and implement their study at a venue convenient to participants
  • Extra individual consultation and support meetings
  • Access to relevant and useful research literature to inform the study
  • Training in relevant methodology and data collection techniques (including ethical considerations)
  • Support with the analysis of research data
  • Support with planning, action, evaluation and reflection
  • Support with the dissemination and publication of results – international/national conference attendance, journal articles etc.
  • Opportunities to gain University Masters credits

The 2014/15 cohort of RGTSA teacher-researchers have disseminated their work by presenting their findings at International conferences and writing for publication in professional journals.

If you would like to be involved please contact: Professor Andrew Lambirth