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Governance and Structure

The RGTSA wishes to reach out to as many schools in the Royal Borough of Greenwich as possible and involve them actively in our work.

There are two layers of membership within the RGTSA:

–       strategic partners who sit on the Executive Board
–       strategic partners who play an active part in the RGTSA but do not sit on the Board

If you are interested in becoming a non-Board strategic partner and your school can offer a substantial contribution in one or more of the areas cited below please email us at or

–        Research and Development
–        CPD, succession planning
–        School to school support
–        Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

We want everyone to see the RGTSA as their Alliance, working in their best interests and for the children and families of Greenwich, and beyond.


See below for the most recent publication of the RGTSA budget for the 2017-2018 financial year.

(Please note NTS refers to National Teaching School and STSS= School to School Support)